“Elior Group has created and opened https://us.areas.com (“Site”) for the personal information of its users. By connecting to, and accessing, the Site you accept these general terms and conditions of use (“T&C”) in full and without qualification.

All these conditions apply to users, who must read the T&C whenever they access the Site.

Publication / Publication director

Elior Participations, a société en commandite par actions [limited partnership with shares] with equity of 5 309 530 euro; registered address 9-11 allée de l’Arche, 92032 Paris La Défense Cedex, France; number 380 543 678 RCS NANTERRE in the Nanterre Commercial and Companies Register – Tel: 01 71 06 70 00.

Publication director: Philippe Guillemot, CEO of Elior Group

Editor: Damien Rebourg, Chief Communications Officer, Elior Group


Oxalide 803 816 529 RCS PARIS (registered address: 25 boulevard de Strasbourg, 75010 Paris).

Design and creation

Lp digital (448 695 684 RCS NANTERRE) and Smile (378 61 53 63 RCS NANTERRE) for the Communications Department of Elior Group.”

Personal data protection

“Users are informed that the personal data collected from contact forms, customized services and other questionnaires may be automatically processed by Elior Participations or other companies in the Group (i.e. by companies that, within the meaning of article L233-3 French Commercial Code: (i) directly or indirectly control; (ii) are directly or indirectly controlled by; or (iii) are directly or indirectly under the common control of Elior Group (408 168 003 RCS NANTERRE), (“Group Companies”).

Group Companies ensure respect for private life and the security of the information collected through the Site. Information provided by users is therefore not given to third parties and is used only by Group Companies, their departments and personnel.

When users move through the pages of the Site the following data may be collected (the information in the list below covers all forms, questionnaires and customized services connected with the Site):

Family name, first name, title/position, zip code, company in whose name the form is filled out or employer company or retailer or trademark, email address, subject of message, content of message (only if anything in the message content is needed to respond to the application), family status, email address, town, country, name of employer site, telephone (personal/business, landline/cell), password, client/non-client of a Group Company, Group Company contract/entity with which the user is connected, internal mobility/change, information given in the body of the message concerning personnel management (for users who are employees), resume, covering letter, region (regional geographic location), medium used (for press contacts), name of restaurant (guest contacts), name of department concerned (commercial, partnership, quality, recruitment, other), job in which the user is interested.

Collected data is used only to process applications made by the user and responses to them or, in the case of unsolicited applications, to enable the application to be processed by one of the communication channels provided by Group Companies. Data in unsolicited applications may be given to the departments and personnel of the Group Companies concerned.

Data collected through the Site is intended exclusively for Group Companies, their employees and departments (“Recipients”).

Data will be kept only for as long as is strictly necessary to process the application and give as full a response as possible to it.

Some of the information requested in online forms is mandatory (and is marked as mandatory). If information is missing or incorrect it will not be sent to the Recipients and will therefore not be considered.

The email addresses of users who sign up to any of our newsletters are used only to send Elior Participations or Group Company messages and announcements. The user’s email address will not be used by our commercial partners to send messages.

The user may unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link, which appears in all our communications.

In the event of an incident the user may email gdpr-contact@areas.com. Group Companies ensure that all user personal data is kept confidential at all times and take appropriate security measures to protect that confidentiality.

The law gives anyone whose personal data has been collected the following rights:

right to information and access: the right to obtain information on how your personal data is processed and a copy of that personal data;
right to restrict processing: you may require that the processing of your personal data is restricted to strictly necessary data only;
right to verify and correct: you may require your personal data to be amended if it is incorrect or incomplete;
right of erasure: you can require the erasure of your personal data, subject to legal requirements;
right to object: you may object to the processing of your personal data, subject to legal requirements;
right to withdraw consent: if personal data processing requires the consent of the person concerned, that person may withdraw his/her consent at any time, subject to legal requirements;
right to data portability: where this right applies, the persons concerned may require that the personal data they have provided is returned to them or, where technically possible, transferred directly to a third party.
The rights listed above may be exercised by contacting gdpr-contact@areas.com. For further information on personal data protection, please go to the website of the French Data Protection Authority (Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés) at http://www.cnil.fr .”


“A cookie is a small data file that the Site server sends to the cookies folder of the browser on the hard disk of your computer.

The Site uses two types of cookie:

Session cookies that help you browse as comfortably as possible on a safe, user-friendly and efficient site and simply make sure the Site itself operates correctly. These cookies include media and video (e.g. YouTube) cookies that make Site browsing more dynamic. The cookies are temporary and are deleted immediately you leave the Site. They do not collect data from your computer or from its activity while it is on the Site;
Permanent cookies that study user habits over a certain period and carry out statistical analyses. The statistical analyses Group Companies carry out using the data in these cookies are performed on a general and not personal basis (statistics on anonymous visits). Analyses are carried out by Google Analytics using the following data: age, sex, interests. Permanent cookies do not allow the recipients of collected data to identify the individuals to whom the data refers.
The Site does not currently use third party cookies (i.e. cookies that generate adverts or banners for third party products or services).

Group Companies keep the data collected using cookies for thirteen (13) months and do not sell it to third parties or use it for any other purpose.

When you access the Site you may refuse to accept the use of cookies or the statistical analysis of your browsing data. You may also block and delete cookies by configuring your browser but this may lead to a less satisfactory browsing experience. You can additionally delete cookies individually at any time by referring to your computer’s user manual.

Links to us.areas.com

The Site allows hyperlinks to its content, subject to the following conditions:

Framing is not allowed. Nothing on any Site page may be disseminated, transferred or inserted, in full or in part, on any other website or used to create derived products;
The source us.areas.com of the content concerned must be stated.
Social networks

The Site uses third party applications via social sharing buttons (including social network Share buttons) to enable users to share Site content with third parties or to give third parties their views on Site content.

When users click on a social sharing button on a Site page, a direct connection is made with the social network’s servers to enable transmission to, and publication on, that social network.

If you do not wish the social network to pass on the data the Site has collected on you, disconnect from the social network before you visit our Site.

Social sharing buttons are subject to social network confidentiality and protection for private life policies. Users should consult those policies to understand how social sharing buttons are used.”

Intellectual property rights


The Site is the intellectual creation of one or more Group Companies within the meaning of articles L. 111.1 et seq. French Intellectual Property Code and of all other French and international legislation.

Everything on the Site, including photographs, texts, slogans, drawings, images, animations with/without sound and all intellectual creations included on the Site are the property of Elior Participations, of one or more Group Companies or of third parties that have given one or more Group Companies permission to use them. All reproduction and representation rights pertaining to everything on the Site are therefore strictly reserved and are subject to the prior express permission of Elior Participations and/or the Group Company concerned.

The reproduction, representation, use, adaptation and modification using any procedure whatsoever and on any medium whatsoever of all or any part of the Site without the prior express permission of Elior Participations and/or the Group Company concerned is strictly prohibited and constitutes forgery.

Trademark rights

The company names, trademarks and distinctive signs reproduced on the Site are protected under trademark law.

The names Elior, Areas and Elior Group and the respective logos (including the Elior Services logo) are some of the trademarks filed by Group Companies.

Other trademarks are named and identified by a capital letter. These trademarks generally belong to Elior Participations or Group Companies, which may also hold the associated user rights. They are also protected under trademark law.

The Site also includes other trademarks and although Elior Participations and/or another Group Company do not own them, they hold the user rights to them.

The reproduction, representation, use, adaptation and modification of these trademarks without the prior express permission of Elior Participations and/or the Group Company concerned is strictly prohibited and constitutes forgery.”


“Details given on the Site are for information only and do not constitute a contract of any kind.

Elior Group, Elior Participations and Group Companies in general accept no liability for:

errors, inaccuracies and omissions in information given on the Site unless such information is a legal requirement;
direct and/or consequential damage with whatsoever cause, origin, nature or consequence that is the result of access to, or inability to access, the Site,
direct and/or consequential damage to hardware, loss of data and/or financial loss resulting from connection to, or use of information collected from, the Site.
Elior Participations reserves the right to amend, correct and delete content from the Site and/or the T&C at any time without notice. Amended and updated T&C will apply as soon as they are published online.

Users must take all necessary action to protect their hardware, data and software.

Compliance with the law and the code of ethics

The Site is operated by Elior Participations, which is registered in France. The present T&C are governed by French law.

Users who connect to the Site from countries outside France must comply with the law applying in those countries.

Disputes concerning the interpretation, application and/or implementation of this document are subject to the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Paris.


May 2019”