In 2006, Areas USA was awarded its first U.S. airport location in the Miami International Airport. Miami is also where they have their Headquarters. Since then, airports around the country have recognized Areas USA’s novel concepts, innovative brands, and friendly approach of doing business; all of which have been a catalyst to the expansion enjoyed by Areas in the U.S.
In the past decade, the company has expanded its reach in airports and highways across the country.

2006 – 2008

  • Areas establishes their presence in the U. S. airport market through concessions at Miami International Airport
  • June, Orlando Airport – AS3 F&B
  • September, Detroit Airport – North Terminal F&B
  • January, North Terminal Books & Books
  • May, Atlanta Airport Retail
  • June, Indianapolis Airport F&B
  • August, Boston Airport F&B
  • December, Washington DC Aiport F&b

2009 – 2011

  • March, Florida Turnpike Service Plazas
  • May, Newark Airport F&B
  • Octobber – LAX Terminals 4,5,7,8 F&B
  • May, EWR opens 2 new concepts
  • November, EWR opens 1 new concept

2009 – 2011

  • January, ORD Terminal 5 F&B
  • October, MDTP Travel Plazas
  • October, ATL opens 3 new concepts
  • November, FLTP Canoe Creek opening
  • March, Detroit McNamara F&B

2015 – ….

  • March, LAX opens 1 new concept
  • July DTW opens 1 new concept