Francois Acosta
Francois Acosta

Francois Acosta

Date of hire: May 17, 2008

First job and background: Cook for 12 years, then became warehouse associate, then supervisor.

Current position: Warehouse Supervisor

Favorite part of job: Making sure everything is running smoothly, checking the merchandise as it comes into the airport and being the main airport person running the warehouse.

Reasons for staying at MIA: I like all the people I work with and I know all the people from corporate.

Why Areas? I like the way Areas guides people to help them improve their abilities. Filinto really pushed me to take the warehouse job. I loved being a cook but now I love the work I am doing. I will stay here until I retire.

Marie Avril
Marie Avril

Marie Avril

Date of hire: July 7, 2008

First job and background: I was hired as Dishwasher for Corona Beach House. Before coming to Areas, I was working in a Taco Bell restaurant. In Haiti, my country, I went to college and studied Banking Operations.

Current position: Server at Spring Chicken

Favorite part of job: I love serving people.

Reason for longevity: Omg! I have to speak with my heart, and I have to say that I love this company. If I was to describe it, I would say that Areas is my mother. I am what I am today because this company gave me this opportunity.

Why Areas? I love my co-workers and the way I’m treated by everyone here. I have always received support from Management when I have needed it. I’m treated like family.  I’m very grateful for those things.

Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos

Date of hire: 1992

First job and background: In the Pharmacy with HMS Host.

Current position: Warehouse Manager

Favorite part of job: Running the warehouse; understanding food safety and controlling the temperature; receiving merchandise for all the units from 3:30 am to 2:00 or 3:00 pm everyday; stocking merchandise—all of it.

Reasons for staying at MIA: I love my job. For me, Areas is the best company, better than HMS Host. Areas treats me and my coworkers much better.

Why Areas? Areas is an excellent company. My plan is to retire with Areas. I don’t want to change anything—only my salary. I love my Areas people, especially Filinto and Margarita!

Fernando Becker
Fernando Becker

Fernando Becker

Date of hire: March 24, 2008

First job and background: I was hired as a Server in La Pausa. Previously I was working as a Server in Casa Larios.

Current position: Server at Corona Beach House

Favorite part of job: Taking care of my customers and this type of recognition from the company.

Reason for longevity: The company is open enough to accept me as I am. I am openly gay and I have always been respected and feel I can be myself without fear of discrimination.

Why Areas? Areas is a solid company and I feel confident that I have a future here and can reach my career goals.


Serge Avril

Date of hire: November 19, 2008

First job and background: The same position that I have now is what I was hired for. I have 15 years in this position.

Current position: Utility- Food Court

Favorite part of job: I feel like at home and very comfortable here at Areas, the same way I feel at Church. But the main reason and my favorite part is the respect I receive from the Managers.

Reason for longevity: Having a good job is not about the money, it is about the relationship with your Managers and co-workers. All of them make me feel like a family and that’s the reason I’m still here.

Why Areas? I wouldn’t change Areas for any other company. For the above reasons.


Solon Petit

Date of hire: June 6, 2008

First job and background: I was first hired as Dishwasher for Corona Beach House.

Current position: Utility in Corona Beach House

Favorite part of job: A job well done gives me satisfaction.

Reason for longevity: This was the company that gave me an opportunity when I lost my previous job. I’m grateful for that and I love Areas.

Why Areas? I like that everyone is nice, like family, and also the benefits. Especially the medical insurance.

Gladys Gomez
Gladys Gomez

Gladys Gomez

Date of hire: March 24, 2008

First job and background: I started as a Cook 2 in Island Chicken Grill and studied gastronomy in Cuba.

Current position: Cook 1 at La Pausa

Favorite part of job: I love to do prep work; that’s my favorite part and I love to cook different things.

Reason for longevity: I feel secure here because I have had very good leaders who have kept my working hours all these years. I feel proud of my job!

Why Areas? Areas is a good company that has always recognized my work and values me.

Gerardo La Rosa
Gerardo La Rosa

Gerardo La Rosa

Date of hire: March 24, 2008

First job and background: Cook at Famous Famiglia. Before I used to work as Prep Cook for Global.

Current position: Cook 2- Famous Famiglia

Favorite part of job:  I like everything in general. I like what I do at the Pizza Store.

Reason for longevity: Areas is a good company with very good benefits.

Why Areas? I have been lucky to have good managers and good co-workers, and that’s why I like my job.


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